We are entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs. We understand the challenges of building and running healthy, resilient companies.

Our firm brings the principles of strategy, operating efficiency and financial discipline to the M&A equation. We help to leverage your competitive advantage and eliminate weaknesses that undermine value creation. Our team fine tunes and prepares your company to thrive in buyer discovery before not after entering the M&A cycle.


Building a valuable technology company means building one that is durable, nimble, and able to endure, even thrive regardless of the market forces. We coach your executive team, board, and investors to become stronger, more effective operators and sellers of your company. We understand buyers, how they evaluate companies and how they value companies. We know how to avoid the dangers and achieve the best M&A outcome.

Our first principles of M&A success form important guidelines.

Well managed companies are sold, rather than bought

Proper preparation matters

Selling your company is a full disclosure process

Your company is worth what a willing, informed buyer will pay

Competition among buyers is a seller’s best leverage

Deal terms won’t improve in due diligence, but they may get worse


Our playbook is a collection of best practices that create performance driven strategies. We work closely with you to design initiatives to grow revenues, improve margins, and streamline operations. In some cases, our team takes on fractional executive roles to expand the skills of your executive team to accelerate reforms.

Client Profile

While no two technology companies face the same challenges, we do see some common ones where our partnership can help you to restructure, realign, recover, and grow.

Under-performing, cash constrained companies with solid products but slow growth where building critical mass into the business is a work in progress. Often, they lack the necessary  capitalization to go-to-market, and require some restructuring, a capital infusion and possibly a change of control to overcome their challenges and find steady growth.

Solid businesses with steady growth, typically mature companies with established unit economics. They are often run by the founder who wants to accelerate growth, groom a successor, and take some chips off the table.

We can help across a range of specific situations that might apply to your business. These are a few examples we can help resolve:

  • Navigate a strategic re-focus
  • Navigate a restructure or turnaround
  • Navigate a leadership transition
  • Fill gaps in senior management team
  • Strengthen business and revenue models
  • Transition to a SaaS, recurring revenue model
  • Restructure customer and channel partner agreements
  • Improve working capital
  • Resolve a fragmented cap table
  • Carve out and divest non-core assets
  • Drive growth through acquisitions
  • Recapitalize for partial or full liquidity